What Is the Flutter Framework? 

Flutter is a free and open-source UI framework by Google for creating native mobile applications Released in 2017, Flutter allows developers to build mobile applications for both iOS and Android with a single codebase and programming language.  

Why Flutter Framework? 

  • Increased productivity. Using the same codebase for iOS and Android saves both time and resources. Flutter’s native widgets also minimize time spent on testing by ensuring there is little to no compatibility issues with different OS versions.
  • Cross platform: It’s possible to build apps for all devices with a single codebase when using Flutter. With Flutter the app UI and logic maintain its consistency and don’t change depending on the platform.
  • Expressive and flexible UI Flutter has a layered architecture that lets you control every pixel on the screen. Thus, customization is very simple in Flutter irrespective of complexity. With its powerful composting capabilities, you can overlay and animate graphics, text, video, and other controls without any limitations.
  • Cost-effective. Building iOS and Android apps with the same codebase is essentially building two apps for the price of one.  
  • Great performance. Flutter’s performance is indistinguishable from a native app, along with native look, it provides a native performance. Unlike most cross-platform frameworks, Flutter doesn’t rely on any intermediate code representations or interpretations. The app is built directly into the machine code. The app will be fully compiled ahead of time, with a native performance and ready to launch.
  • Google support – Apps made with Flutter are guaranteed years-long support from Google as the company uses the technology itself. You can be sure that Google will continue to fix bugs, release new versions, and contribute to the technology as much as they can.

The Flutter framework presents exciting opportunities for mobile application development. Building iOS and Android applications with the same codebase on a highly user-friendly interface makes mobile app development fast and cost-effective.

It’s just the matter of time when Flutter will officially become the ultimate cross-platform UI framework. 

Popular Apps using Flutter

  1. Google Ads
  2. Alibaba
  3. Reflect 
  4. Hamilton Musical 
  5. Coach Yourself